Charge Description Master (CDM) Management:

  • Ensure revenue integrity with accurate and complete compliant coding, and optimal pricing methodologies
  • Chargemaster development
  • Chargemaster restructuring
  • Chargemaster standardization
  • Chargemaster maintenance

Charge Capture Integration:

  • Ensure successful integration with the CDM file to produce accurate charges for services and items provided
  • Implement charge documentation and revenue reconciliation process
  • CDI – Clinical Documentation Improvement

Coding – ICD-10:

  • Ensure accurate and compliant coding for diagnosis, services, and items
  • Coding and Compliance Audits
  • Implement regulation updates
  • Denial and Appeal Process

Medical Auditing:
Defense, Patient, Concurrent, Focused Audit

Managed Care Contract Review:
Ensure accurate and complete contract wording for optimal reimbursement for services and items provided

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